Does your home have some long windows – perhaps in the living area or bedroom?
Then Track Shutters could look great.  Hinged together, they simply glide smoothly along tracks above the window, folding neatly out of the way.

Alternatively, you can use Track Shutters to divide a large room temporarily into two smaller ones.  For example, you can use them to separate a bedroom from an ensuite, or your kitchen from your dining area.  Or, how about using track shutters instead of doors for your wardrobe?  What a good way to keep them ventilated.

Two Track Shutter Styles

You can choose between two styles of Track Shutter –

  1. By-pass – the panels glide past each other along their own tracks.
    These provide a flexible, practical solution that can transform almost any space, forming a room divider or wardrobe doors. They look great too with large doors and windows.
  2. Bi-fold – the panels are hinged together, concertina along their track and then simply fold out of the way, making ideal room dividers. They work well too with patio doors, privacy screens and wardrobe doors.

Both styles have a smooth movement along the top track, making them easy to use and maintain.

Track shutters by ShutterRight – versatile and great for long ‘runs’

  • Smoothly-gliding on a track
  • Perfect for wardrobes
  • Ideal for room dividers
  • Great for Panoramic doors, sliding patio doors, and French doors
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