For privacy and chic, café-style shutters are ideal.  For rooms at street level, you want to stop people staring in.  Net curtains look so drab and dated.  There’s nothing better than café-style shutters.  They’re not only practical.  They’re chic too!

These shutters cover just the bottom part of a window, giving you the perfect combination of allowing the light to flood in without compromising privacy.

Café-style shutters are great too for offices and work places, such as waiting rooms and reception areas.  Staff and visitors can go about their business, free from prying eyes.

Combining perfectly with blinds or curtains
Café-style shutters are great with curtains or blinds, giving you maximum flexibility.  In the day time, have your curtains or blinds open and your café-style shutters closed, for privacy from passers-by.  When it’s dark – draw the curtains or close the blinds, keeping you feeling snug and safe inside.

Café-style shutters

  • Pavement-level privacy
  • Retain space for window features
  • Allow natural light to flood in through the top of your window
  • Ideal in bay windows
  • Match with blinds or curtains
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