Tier-on-tier shutters are perfect for giving you maximum control between light and privacy.  You have an upper and a lower tier.  You can open or close each, independently of the other.

Take control of your light and your privacy
The two-tiered panels of these shutters allow you to enjoy your rooms to their full potential.  Whether you suffer from too much glare from the sun, street lights or passing headlights, you can adjust your shutter panels independently, giving you just the right balance between light and shade.
Perfect flexibility – day or night.

Access for cleaning
Do you need partial access to your windows?  Perhaps for opening or cleaning?  Do you have sash windows?  Then tier-on-tier shutters are just the job – giving you all the access you need.

Just for you
Remember – the choice is yours.  Your tier-on-tier shutters will be made-to-measure.  Made to fit your windows in a style that’s just right for you.

Tier-on-tier shutters.  Smart, elegant and stylish –

  • Two levels of shutter panels giving you maximum flexibility
  • Ideal light control
  • Perfect privacy daytime & night time
  • Ideal for sash windows
  • Look good, yet practical
  • Massive choice of designs
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