Sometimes, you can’t beat the traditional look.  If your home is in the classic, period style, then there’s no substitute for solid shutters.  Whether your home is a Georgian townhouse or a country cottage, this classic window covering, will be just ideal.

Our solid panel shutters come in a variety of colours and stains and are made from premium hardwood.

Solid shutters are wonderfully efficient, giving you unlimited daylight during the day, and the cosiness of a total blackout at night.

You’ll also enjoy the benefit of efficient insulation – an extra layer between you and the cold outdoors.

100% light control

Solid panels are perfect for bedrooms.  If you’re a light sleeper and are kept awake by streetlamps or car headlights, then solid panel shutters will be just the job!  But, of course, during the daylight hours, you can enjoy maximum daylight.

 Solid shutters – making the most of the traditional look

  • Visually simple
  • The classic look
  • Premium quality hardwood
  • An extra layer of insulation
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